Save on Causebox With This New Coupon

You’re probably familiar with Causebox – an online store that partners with social enterprises whether big or small to help them in their causes. Causebox sincerely believes that it can cultivate a more caring and supportive customer base through the products that tell the stories behind social enterprises.

The approach of Causebox is not like anything you’ve encountered before because for each season (or around 4 times a year), they give out a carefully curated box that is worth at least $150 if you add all of the items up for a sale price of $49.95. With this deal alone, you can guarantee that with many limited edition items, you were surely able to save a lot more. Apart from that, for every purchase of a Causebox, 7% of the price is given to one of their partners. In fact, Causebox has helped raise funds for a number of charities like Trees for the Future, Books of Africa, Freedom Firm, and a lot more. The only catch is that you have to subscribe to their site annually paying $49.95 per quarter.

If you don’t want to subscribe, then you can opt to buy from their “Best of” Box promo where no subscription is needed. Items sold here are mixed and matched items coming from past Causeboxes. There are $25 boxes that used to have at least a $50 value while a $35 box that is worth $75.

Apart from those saving tips, you can also use the Causebox coupon code where you get 10% off your order with code CAUSE10. You can avail of this promo once you pick the box that you prefer.

If you’re from the Continental US, then you also don’t have to pay any shipping fee. However, those living in Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska have to pay a shipping fee of $7.95 for every box they buy.