Shopping for a Cause at Causebox

Women love shopping just because. There’s joy in buying the things you want, but what if an online store offered more than a temporary impact on your emotions? What if an online store had a cause it supports so that with every purchase you have, you get to help more people other than yourself? This is exactly what Causebox does.

Causebox is an online shop that has partnered with social enterprises to bring social awareness and financial support to women all over the planet. Their aim is to bring to you brands that have stories behind them. They also encourage you to support these brands. You can find different items on their site from apparel to artworks.

If you are new to Causebox, you will get a new Causebox coupon code when you sign up on their mailing list. You only have to put your e-mail address and you can get 10% on your first shopping box. There are also other packages when you subscribe. You can either pay yearly or quarterly. When you subscribe quarterly, you will pay $54.95 while when you subscribe yearly, you will only pay $49.95. To add to that, Causebox throws in absolutely zero shipping fees.

When you subscribe to Causebox, not only will you get emails on their best-selling items, but you will also be notified of their best deals. You will be given a chance to get their popular products from famous brands at a price of less than $50. These items change monthly so you better keep an eye on their email.

There are also other perks when you subscribe to their mailing list. Unlike guests on their site, members of Causebox can enjoy a free cancellation service. Causebox will not bill you if you feel that their product does not meet your standards. For them, customers are bridges that help their partners succeed.

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